The brains. The link between Wijit and your router.

The Wijit HUB is the the central piece that communicates between your wireless router and your wijit plugins. Only one is needed and it can be placed anywhere within range of your wireless router. It is the first piece setup through the Wijit APP during installation.


Here is the chain of command: The Wijit HUB uses your wireless routers internet connection to make itself connectable to your specific device over the internet. Once you give the HUB access to your router, you can now communicate with the HUB wherever you have access to the internet. The communication with the HUB is then sent out to any and all Wijit plugins you have connected.

Additional HUB tasks

In addition to being the main connection and contact point, the HUB stores all your wijit plugin information. If you change or add a wijit on one device, then load the app on another device, the HUB will send the new information to the new device and automatically update it accordingly.

Easy reset

Things happen. Communication between your router and the HUB might get interupted, or perhaps you need to start installation over in a different location, resetting the HUB is easy. Simply hold the SYNC button for 10 seconds. After 3 seconds, it will begin to blink. Continue to hold for another 7 seconds and The LED will blink then turn off. Your HUB has been reset to factory settings!

Download the manual here