Easy to setup, simple to use!

We designed this app for simplicity! Initial install is very easy with a guided setup through the app. We have also tried making the app as simple and straight forward as possible. Anyone should be able to add and control wijits!


What can I do with it?

With the App you can setup wijits all over your home to control all your plugins via your smart device! Want to control your bedroom fan? Just put a wijit on it! Want to control 3 lamps in 1 room to turn on and off with the press of a single button? You can do that! Want to make sure everything is turned off after you have already left the house? Just load up the app and turn them all off! It's easy.

What devices are compatible with the App?

The Wijit App is available in the Google Play and App App stores. It is compatible with android and apple smart phones and tablets.

Where can I get it?

You can search either the Apple App or Google Play store for "wijit" and the app should show in the results. You can also scan the QR codes below with your phone to be taken right to it!







Download the manual here